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Sourcing Challenge Show

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Mark Lundgren - Sourcing Challenge Show

Dec 31, 2020

In this week's show Dov Zavadskis and Mark Lundgren talk about this week in the World of Talent Sourcing.

This week we talk about some of the things that stand out to us in sourcing for 2020.

January - 21 Recruitment Books to Add to Your Shelf by Maisha Cannon: 
Listen to Maisha's Sourcing Challenge Show Episode: 

Time Stamp: 15:15
February - LinkedIn Recruiter Spreadsheet Hack by Aaron Lintz: 
Listen to Aaron's Sourcing Challenge Show Episode: 
Buy Aaron's Conference App Sourcing Course: 

Time Stamp: 28:52
February - Glen Cathey on Sourcing Challenge Show: 

Time Stamp: 38:34
April & May - AmazingHiring Tech Sourcing Course: 

Time Stamp: 47:39
April - Andre Bradshaw & Quickli on Patreon: 
Listen to Andre's Sourcing Challenge Show Episode:  

Time Stamp:
May - Online Sourcing Learning Day: 

Time Stamp: 59:57
June - Full Stack Recruiter - Ultimate Edition by Jan Tegze: 
Listen to Jan's Sourcing Challenge Show Episode: 

June - Evolution of the Sourcing Role by Christine Hampton: 

Time Stamp: 1:03:55
July - Sourcing Summit Virtual: 

Time Stamp: 1:25:59
September - Talk Talent To Me with Manager of Global Sourcing Maisha Cannon: 
Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk - 

Time Stamp: 1:29:01
October - Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit shared by Jung Kim: 

Time Stamp: 1:35:44
November - Image Diversity Sourcing with No Photos by Irina Shamaeva: 

Time Stamp: 1:38:39
December - Bringing Back the Sourcing Challenge Show: 
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About GitHub (But Were Afraid To Ask): 

Time Stamp: 1:46:44
Video Outreach Article on SourceCon: 
Mark's 2018 SourceCon Europe Presentation:

See you all again next week for more Sourcing World news.